Frequently asked questions

Who can see the lists I create?

The lists in your homescreen are only visible to you and friends you have shared it with. Published lists are visible to all users of the app. Users can search for and download lists you've published.

How can I tell which lists are published vs not?

There are four ways to help you distinguish published lists from private ones: 1) All lists in your homescreen are private to you and the people you've shared it with. 2) Lists in the published tab are visible to everyone via search. 3) Published lists have a darker header to help you easily distinguish it from your private lists. 4) The icon next to the list title in the details view tells you if a list is private, published or shared.

Who can see the comments on my lists?

Comments on published lists are public whereas comments in shared lists are viewable by people you've shared it with.

How can I add a category to a list item?

You can use the # (hashtag) while creating a list item to add the list item to the category automatically. You can also edit list items (by tapping on it) and add or change the category it belongs to.


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